Artist Intro: Kerry Steele, Charleston Artist and Designer Favorite

Kerry Steele, abstract artist, charleston artist

Pursuing Vintage started many years ago as a blog, a place where I could share my vintage finds and write about my experiences trying to figure out my own interior design style.  At the time, I was reading several blogs every morning.  I kept seeing home decor bloggers sharing the work of artist Kerry Steele.  I saw her bold, colorful work and was smitten!  I found out that she had her own blog, Design du Monde, and I quickly followed along.  I purchased my first painting from Kerry in May of 2013, and have built my collection of her work since then.  My absolute favorite piece is titled “Love Note” and it is a large scale piece that hangs in my dining room.

Kerry Steele, abstract art, bold art, colorful art

I’m thrilled to share Kerry’s talent with you!  Her art has been featured in Traditional Home Magazine, the CR Laine Showroom at High Point Market, and the 2018 Southern Style Showhouse, among others.  She is truly a favorite among designers!  I’ve asked Kerry to dish about her influences, and her favorite places in Charleston!

Kerry Steele abstract art

You live in Charleston, SC. How has it influenced your work? Charleston has been a benefit to my career in many ways. First, I started out at Redux as my studio. Then we moved, and  I moved my studio to my home once again. Here the weather and sunshine are great! I feel that those have influenced me most.

How would you describe your style as an artist? My style as an artist is much like Joan Mitchell in the 1970s. She took a few more risky moves than I am willing to, but I love her artwork and how it influences me.

Your work is very popular with interior designers – what is your favorite part of working with the design trade? I love, love to work with designers so much. Their style and vocabulary for telling me what they want is great. Then I get to see my work in their space which is usually photographed. It’s a win-win.

What color trends do you see in art right now, or what color trends inspire you? The color looks that I really like are a selection of neutrals with a hint of pale pink and blue right now.  But give it a week I tell you it’s all about blues!

Do you have a favorite painting that you’ve done? It always seems to be the most recent one!

What is your favorite Charleston spot that tourists might not know about? My two favorite art hot spots in Charleston are Trager Contemporary and Redux Studios. Two of my favorites are Tony Gill and Sam Jones IV at Trager. Redux is a great place to see the artwork of many different artists in Charleston. At Redux you can see the work of established artists and the young and budding ones also.  My favorite place to have a drink is the Pavillion Bar on East Bay Street on the roof! You can see all of Charleston!

Kerry Steele Fine Art Abstract Art Charleston Artist
Kerry Steele Fine Art Charleston Artist abstract art

I am honored to be able to share Kerry’s art locally at the Pursuing Vintage studio.  Select pieces are available though us, and more pieces are available through Kerry’s website.  You can also contact Kerry to commission a special piece that will work perfectly with your personal style and decor!

Photos courtesy of Kerry Steele Fine Art.

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