We have two bathrooms upstairs… the master bath, and “the kids’ bath”.  The kids’ bath is also used as the “guest bath” when we have overnight guests.  Many moons before I developed my current interior design style, I picked out the fixtures for this bathroom.  I would do it all different now, but neither time nor money will allow that.  So, I figure it will benefit from a minor facelift.  I was thrilled with how my powder room makeover turned out, and that was on a budget.  I’m hoping that I can turn this bathroom into another room that I love, on a shoestring.  Because right now… it ain’t doin’ nothin’ for me.

Kids Bath Before / Pursuing Vintage

As you can see, there is a mixture of I-don’t-know-what here.  The vanity has a very traditional look, and I’ve looked at replacing the hardware, but it seemed like I wouldn’t be able to do that with the cabinet door pieces (which are the pieces that bother me).  I’ll have to re-investigate that.  The flower photo is … not for two boys!  The shower curtain was my half-a$$ed way to quickly add color to the room.  We need the little chair because the boys still are supervised during bath time (and who doesn’t love a little chair?!).

Kids Bath Before / Pursuing Vintage

I want to paint the walls, add some art that appeals to the boys (but is also not “kid art”), get coordinating towels, paint the little chair, possibly do something about the hardware on the vanity, replace the shower curtain.  What else?  I’m sure I’ll add to the list as I work on the project.

I was thinking I’d do something like this:


Kids Bath Makeover / Pursuing Vintage


I found a great Benjamin Moore color, Silver Fox.  It has a nice balance between brown and grey.  And I can’t resist the name – I told my husband that Benjamin Moore must have named it after him!  Ha ha!

Silver Fox by Benjamin Moore

I love the pop of color that the shower curtain provides, and I was thinking wildlife photography would be fun for the kids, yet not totally scream “kid art”.  I’d need to figure out what to frame them in (add it to the list!).

I’m still in the planning stages, and would love any feedback.  Don’t be shy!

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  1. Kerry Steele
    Kerry Steele says:

    Using acrylic frames with metal “standoffs” (those circles in the corner that hold it together) would add a really modern look. I think I have seen some on Etsy.

  2. Barb
    Barb says:

    Lovely plan. I like Kerry Steele’s suggestion on the framing! Maybe changing the hardware would not be as expensive as you think. A little time on the internet you might find some good possibilities. I think myknobs.com allows you to pick 5 for a test ( I think)

    • Kristen
      Kristen says:

      I’ll have to check that site! Thanks! Although, it was how the current hardware is installed that made me think I couldn’t remove it without damaging the cabinet. I need to research it more because those cabinet pulls really bug me! 🙂

  3. KMR
    KMR says:

    Love the plan, especially the animal prints. Can’t wait to see the progress! I’m still giggling about Silver Fox. 😉

  4. mary beth at MBZ interiors
    mary beth at MBZ interiors says:

    I love your storyboard Kristen and as soon as the paint goes on the walls, it will look so rich next to your gorgeous vanity. Everyone loves animal art and I’m a stripe lover myself. Maybe in your spare time, (I know you have a lot of it – ha!) make one of those blinds where you remove every other slat and paste the fabric over. My neighbor has one, she says it’s easy and directions are all over how to do it on Pinterest. xxo

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