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I just love it when people share photos of Pursuing Vintage items in their new homes.  Incorporating vintage items into one’s current home decor is what I’m all about, so when photos are shared with me, I want to share them with you!

Katie purchased this adorable framed needlepoint from me back in November, and sent me this photo of how she used it on her console table.


I love her collection of unique items (that bowl is beautiful!!!). The needlepoint is right at home, and adds a “pop” of color.  Great vignette, Katie!

Another customer purchased this really cool vintage globe.

Vintage Globe / Pursuing Vintage

She added it to her son’s “vintage airplane” themed room.

Globe in plane room

She placed it in the beautiful corner cabinet with other airplane memorabilia.  (And check out that propeller fan!  I love that detail!).

Take a look at other Pursuing Vintage items in their new homes.

If you’ve added a Pursuing Vintage item to your home, I’d love to see a photo!

And if you’re still searching for the perfect addition to your decor, be sure to follow me on Instagram to be the first to see new arrivals!



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  1. Karena
    Karena says:

    Hi Kristen,
    What a great feeling to see you special vintage finds in others homes!!
    I will add to your photo album one day soon!
    The Arts by Karena
    New Feature!

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