Twice a year Linda, from Calling it Home, hosts a One Room Challenge party.  The idea is to redesign/decorate a room in six weeks, while sharing your progress online.  You can view her hand-selected group of designers and their makeovers on Wednesdays, and then tune in on Thursdays to see the Linking Participants’ makeovers (of which I will be one!).  There are so many fun designs and makeovers happening, you won’t want miss it!

I participated one year ago as a Linking Participant and did a mudroom makeover.  It made a huge difference in my home – and was probably a room I would have ignored for several more years had Linda not put out a call to action!

A year later, and the small powder room that is connected to the mudroom is not finished.  Soooo… guess what I will be doing for this round of the One Room Challenge?  The powder room!  (Don’t you love that name?!)

ORC The Problem

Here’s the space from the mudroom… behind that pocket door exists a “blah” bathroom!

Pursuing Vintage Mudroom Makeover Update Kerry Steele Art

A peek inside… This is a very small powder room.  Large window on the wall opposite the door; sink to the right; toilet to the left.

 Powder Room 3         Powder Room 2

Powder Room 5

Powder Room 4

Powder Room 1

As you can see, we’ve attempted to decorate.  This is a theme bathroom.  NOW BEFORE YOU LEAVE… give me a minute to explain!  We live near Washington, D.C. and we love the city.  We love the history, the architecture, neighborhoods, you name it.  My husband has spent most of his life in the DC area – I’ve been here for twelve years now.  We felt like the bathroom was a place where we could design with a bit of a sense of humor (thus Washington’s bust on the toilet) all the while showcasing some DC Area art.  (The whole thing started when my mom gave us that tacky DC themed candle… we laughed about it, and then kind of embraced it…).  We want this room to be a work-in-progress in terms of the art.  My husband and I love searching for new pieces of DC art, and we want to be able to add to the (bathroom) gallery wall.

ORC The Plan

1. Edit the art and “humor”.  It’s kind of mish-mashy right now, and I’d like to streamline it so as to not totally catch people off-guard when they visit our loo.

2. Paint the walls.  I plan on using the blue from the ceiling of the mudroom to paint the walls.  I know it’s dark.  Everyone tells me that.  But I like it.  (Or at least I hope I will!)

3. Update the window covering.  I plan on ordering the same natural fiber shade that I have in the mudroom (and also my dining room).  However, I will order this one with a privacy lining!

4. Accessorize the space.  New soap dispenser, hand towels, maybe a rug?

ORC The Inspiration

via The Vault Files – another ORC room!


via Homedit


via Homedit


I think I can handle this.  Of course, I thought my mudroom makeover would be a cinch, and it was much more involved than I anticipated, so we’ll see!  Wish me luck!  And be sure to check out all of the other One Room Challenge Linking Participants at Calling it Home!



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  1. KMR
    KMR says:

    It was fun to read the background story on all your D.C. themed art; I’m so glad some of it will stay! I was hoping to hear you were planning to wallpaper the bathroom, but darker paint will be elegant as well.

  2. Karena
    Karena says:

    Great ideas, especially a rich dark color on the walls, the add a fabulous rug, maybe sconces?!I I know they would have to be small…
    The Arts by Karena

  3. Pam @ Simple Details
    Pam @ Simple Details says:

    Love your inspiration, Kristen! Powder rooms are such great rooms to have a little fun with! I’m right there with you with everything taking longer than I expect it to. Glad to be doing the ORC with you! 🙂

  4. Tara
    Tara says:

    We have a themed powdered room too….Seattle to be exact. I love it and your inspiration….can’t wait to see how it comes together!! xoxo

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