S&L Fall Catalog Cover

So there I was, drinking up all of the beauty that is the Serena & Lily Fall Catalog… – and there I see it.  Barely visible.  A flock of seagulls.

Serena & Lily Fall Catalog

Okay, not really a flock.  Just one.  (But I really wanted to reference that RAD ’80’s band!)

I know, it’s hard to see online – and if you’re reading on your phone, you’re probably thinking “What in the world does she see? She’s delusional!”  But seriously, check out your catalog, and it’s much more visible.

Why am I so excited about a seagull sculpture?  Because I love spotting something and knowing that it’s cool, that somebody, somewhere will love it.  And that’s what happened with this seagull.


I found him several months ago, and just knew that it was an interesting piece.  It has modern yet graceful lines, and a clean off-white finish.  It can work in many different decor situations.  And so, when Serena & Lily style a room with the exact same seagull that I have available in my shop, I get pretty excited!

Here he is, in his full seagull-glory.  Available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop, awaiting his new home.  Will he be yours?





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