We just got back from the beach – a truly restful week away.  We didn’t have WiFi, which was a blessing.  I’ll admit, I spent a little time on Instagram, scanned Facebook a few times, and tried to keep my email influx to a minimum.  But, it was really nice escaping the social media pressure for a bit!  I’m tempted to turn off my computer during the day now, at home (after I’ve enjoyed my coffee, of course!).  Fewer distractions are not necessarily a bad thing.  Especially while these two are still my Little Guys.


Here they are working in one of the many holes that my husband had to dig for them during the week.  Sand castles are overrated.

I got back from our vacation and was catching up on our Sunday paper, when I spotted an article in the Washington Post Magazine about a beach house in Rehoboth Beach, Deleware, not far from where we were at.  I can’t believe we didn’t see this, and I must make a point to find it if we head back to the beach later this summer.



via Washington Post


via Washington Post


via Washington Post


I think it’s unique and fun.  But I can’t say I would choose to build my beach house in the style of a pagoda.  I guess, in my mind, beach houses “should be” cottages – cute and a bit rustic.  But I can see the attraction.  At the beach, life has a bit of whimsey – so why not create a whimsical, unexpected place to escape?


What do you think of the Pagoda Beach House?


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