I’m a Bravo-aholic. When I get to choose what to watch on TV (i.e. not Nick Jr or Disney Jr) I make my husband suffer through many, many Bravo shows.  Housewives, Million Dollar Decorators, and Million Dollar Listing (just to name a few).  Luckily, my husband enjoys Million Dollar Listing (or so he says… sweet guy!).  The New York season just concluded, and we finished watching the Reunion episodes (not sure why Bravo stretched it out into two episodes. Even I thought that was overkill….).  I think I enjoyed the set of the Reunion more than the actual Reunion.



The showstopper, for me, is that table!  And I love the chandeliers that you can see in the background.

I just want to know who styled that table??? It’s like they looked in the prop closet and brought with them only what they could carry!  It’s not that I don’t like the accessories, but they’re just randomly placed, and don’t really complement the table.  The scale is off.  Am I just putting too much thought into this?  Maybe the Reunion was not as captivating as it should have been and I spent more time obsessing about the decor?

Maybe I need to watch more quality programming…

….I’m off to watch my recorded episode of the new Million Dollar Listing Miami series!  (Told ya: Bravo-aholic!)

Have a great weekend!




What do you think of the “dipped” paint look?

dipped chairs, multi colored   I   Pursuing Vintage

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color dipped folding chairs   I   Pursuing Vintage

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examples of color dipped chairs   I   Pursuing Vintage

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Color dipped chair  I  Pursuing Vintage

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color dipped thonet bentwood chairs   I   Pursuing Vintage

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I picked up a set of fun Thonet style bentwood bar stools this weekend.

Bentwood barstools "before"  I  Pursuing Vintage

They really need a makeover, and I was thinking about my plan.  I think these bar stools would be good candidates for the “dipped” look (and new upholstery, obviously!).  What do you think?  To dip, or not to dip… that is the question!


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One of my childhood fantasies was that I would open a library.  With all of my personal books.  As in, I would keep every single book I’d ever read, and then all of my books would become a library.  And, that’s why it was a childhood fantasy!

I came to the conclusion many years ago that I couldn’t hold on to every single book I’d purchased or read.  I think I came to that conclusion after moving many, many heavy boxes full of books, and not having any place to really put them.  I’ve since gotten into the habit of visiting the library more, and when I do purchase a book, I try to pass it on to someone or donate it.  Except, of course, beautiful coffee table type books that I can use to style my home!  (My husband is laughing right now because there is one small, itty-bitty shelf in our closet that is piled with my books – books that fall off the shelf when he tries to get dressed for work – but those are an exception!!!)

Still, I’m drawn to books and bookshelves.  Since I can’t open a library (cue sad violin music), let me daydream in the images of some unique and beautiful book spaces.

House & Garden UK


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Suzanne Kasler via Pinterest


What do you do with your books?  Do you keep them and display them?  Hide them away?  Give them away?  I’m curious!