I am SO proud of her. She’s grown a lot lately.  Being almost-two, I’ve been expecting the Terrible Twos… tantrums, power issues, etc.  I mean, she’s had a lot of issues lately.  And I haven’t handled it well – I haven’t been “the best I can be”.  I’m rather ashamed of the neglect I’ve shown her.

But the other day, we had a breakthrough.  We accomplished something together.  So instead of abandoning her, as I was thinking I might do, I’ve realized that we have a long time of happiness ahead of us.

Here she is


Meet my iPhone.  She’s not the most beautiful – she’s taken some rough falls.  But she holds on!

Why am I introducing her to you?  Because after more than a year of neglect, I’ve finally taken her to the Apple Store and had them fix her internal memory issues.  See, I couldn’t put any apps on my phone.  I couldn’t do Facebook, or Instagram, or Etsy, or anything on my phone.  She refused all of the updates.  I rarely had room to take more than five or six photos.  But, the Apple Store Genius totally fixed her up!

What does that mean for you?  It means you can follow me on Instagram!  (I had installed it on my husband’s phone and had been trying it out once and awhile, but now I don’t have to steal his phone!  I can post all my great vintage finds as soon as I get my hands on them!)

Can you tell I’m excited?!  I can’t believe I procrastinated so much on something that was such a simple fix.  (Thank you, Apple!!!)  And now I get to join the rest of the world and use apps!  WooHoo!

Here are my latest posts (is that what they’re called?  I need a crash-course on Instagram-lingo!)

Please join me on Instagram!  (And bear with me as I learn the ropes…)

Have a great weekend!