I just wanted to take a break from all of the beautiful Easter blog posts, and give you a giggle.  Because who knew that vintage Easter cards and Lady Gaga’s fashion had so much in common?!

Nothing says Happy Easter like a naked woman emerging from a giant egg!

via Bytes

Perhaps that was Lady Gaga’s inspiration?

via Daily Mail

Oh – and then there’s this… just some rabbits wearing eggs…

via Bytes

And this… just Gaga wearing an egg and fishnets (personally I like the addition of the fishnets. The rabbits could take a cue from Gaga here)…

via arent we fancy


So there you go.  An odd connection between vintage Easter cards and a pop diva.

On that note!  Have a very Happy Easter and wonderful weekend!



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  1. Nancy {at} Powell Brower at home
    Nancy {at} Powell Brower at home says:

    Happy Easter to you and your family! What a fun post- who would have thought there was ANY connection? Darling vintage things, Lady Gaga, not so darling! Hope all is well and youre finding cool vintage things lately! Ive been scouring the estate sale notices and haven’t seen anything I wanted to go see yet. Im looking for a Barcelona Chair in saddle/chestnut or white ifyou come across one! xo Nancy

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