I mentioned yesterday that I’m reading The Monuments Men.  The movie starring George Clooney and Matt Damon is based on this book by Robert M. Edsel.  It’s a very interesting look into some little known history of WWII – how the world’s greatest art treasures were saved by a few dedicated men.

St. George’s

The book is filled with descriptions of amazing pieces of art.  But it is the descriptions of cathedrals and other architectural gems with crumbled walls and windows blown out that got me thinking about stained glass.

St. George’s – London


Coventry Cathedral, England


Rouen Cathedral, France


The stained glass seen in cathedrals is awe-inspiring and beautiful.  It is done on such a large scale so that it can tell a story to parishioners.

On a smaller scale, we’ve seen stained glass used in homes long ago.  Now we’re seeing these windows pulled out of hundred-plus year old homes as people remove and remodel.  Thankfully there are people out there salvaging this art.

I have a small collection in my master bathroom (of all places!).  I find them beautiful and colorful.  I was told one window I own was from a home in the Netherlands.  I don’t know the stories behind the others, but I am fond of the geometry and color incorporated in their designs.

Stained Glass Window Bath Decor

Stained Glass Window Bathroom Decor

Stained Glass Window Decor

I think there are many places you can place a vintage stained glass window.  In front of a window is an obvious choice, as it lets sunlight filter though, as originally intended.  But placed against a solid color wall, I see it as a piece of framed art.

via Pinterest

This blue accented window fits perfectly with a coastal theme.  I like how it is near a window, not necessarily hung over one.

via Joanne Inspired

Grouping stained glass windows creates interest.

via Joanne Inspired

I’ve always loved a stained glass piece near a kitchen sink.

via This Old House

This home used vintage windows above the passageway.  A grouping of colorful pieces would be fun.

via Petitevanou

These stained glass windows were re-purposed as cabinets.  They bring a bit of vintage warmth into the white modern feel of the room.

I think stained glass used in moderation is a great way to add some color to a room.  I tend to choose simple patterns with geometric lines over ornate Victorian, which I feel can be a bit dark and busy.  Ultimately, it’s a personal choice, and finding a piece that you love.

What are your thoughts about incorporating vintage stained glass windows in your decor?


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  1. Jim
    Jim says:

    There is a stained glass museum/exhibit at Navy Pier in Chicago with some beautiful pieces. Be sure to check it out next time you’re back home.

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