Modern Vintage Tea Cup

Every morning I drink coffee out of a big ol’ coffee cup.  Some have photos of my kids, some have names of universities or “certain” coffee store logos.  I like them because they’re big and they hold a lot of coffee.  A lot of caffeine.

As I drink my coffee every morning, or reach for my afternoon tea, I often think “I should use a pretty tea cup”.  You know, like the ladies on Downton Abbey.

via Downton Abbey Cooks


Tea cups and coffee cups are easy to come by in your local antique shop or thrift store.  There are so many types and styles available.  I did a little Etsy searching and was so impressed by the number of tea cups that have a “modern” look.  They coordinate with today’s trends, or have a timeless aesthetic that makes them as chic today as they were in their time.  Here are some of my favorite “modern” vintage tea cups:



Royal Stafford with Gold Dragons


MCM Rosenthal


Noritake Demitasse Set


Classic Australia Gold Set


Homer Laughlin 1950’s


Colclough Gold & White Set


Grosvenor Bone China – Gold & Black


Ridgeway Blue Willow


Japanese Fleur de Lis


Gold Dragons

swiss tea cup

Suisse Langenthal Green & White


Royal Albert Black & White


Aren’t these amazing pieces of china?  Can you find one that coordinates with your style?  Do you think you could transition over to a smaller modern vintage tea cup for your modern coffee?  Or are you happy with your mug?


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  1. Kerry Steele
    Kerry Steele says:

    How would I ever decide? There were quite a few that were a favorite until I scrolled down to find another. I am repeating to myself “you cannot collect teacups too” over and over.

  2. KMR
    KMR says:

    I love them all! I drink my morning coffee out of a mug with Russian folk dancers on it. I stole the set from my mom’s house last year. When I was little I remember thinking that a mug with decorative polka dancers was so strange, but now I adore them!

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