Thanks to everyone for their wonderful feedback on Friday in regards to the Lucite chandelier.  We’re going to go ahead and hang it up and I think it will look terrific!

All of that thinking about the chandelier has me with Lucite on the brain.  I thought I’d share some of my favorites today.

via Ruth Burts Interiors

This ghost chair is fabulous with this colorful room.

via pinterest

I love the contrast between the modern ghost chair and beautiful antique desk and French-y decor.

via HGTV

An amazing Lucite console with a Lucite lamp and blue & white porcelain.  I’m in love!

via juxtapost

The Lucite legs are subtle on this bench.

via minimalisti

These molded cantilever Lucite chairs are so unique and funky!

via La Dolce Vita

This table is the perfect accent in this serene, neutral room.

via the old post road

Faux bamboo and Lucite… sigh!

via pinterest

This console seems to float in this entryway.

via pinterest

Can it get much better than a Lucite bar cart?

via pinterest

This chair is stunning.  But would it be comfortable?


Do you have a favorite piece of Lucite furniture that is on your wishlist?  Or a piece already in your home?

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  1. Julie Khuu
    Julie Khuu says:

    I actually acquired a few ghost chairs between projects and while they’re super stylish and perfect for small space living, they don’t hold up very well between uses. You definitely have to have a delicate hand since every scratch/ nick/ ding shows up and instantly spoils the high-end/luxe look. Best if reserved for furniture that don’t get that much use out of them! Impractical but that’s the price we pay for beauty, right? lols..

    Thank you again for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest event design!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

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