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Today I’ve taken a page out of Kristen’s book and I’m scoping out vintage finds that are perfect for your next party. Shopping flea markets, antique shops, and estate sales are great ways to stock up on unique items that will help to make your next soiree or special event a smashing success.  Here are few things that I look for when I shop:

Flea Market Finds 1

Serving Pieces: Mix and match silverware or flatware, pick up a beautiful tray or a vintage cake plate. Your items don’t have to match. There’s something whimsical and special about mismatched pieces!

Glassware: Vintage champagne flutes? Yes please! Pick up any glassware that looks well-made and catches your eye. Vintage pieces often have more etching and detail, plus, at a flea market you can get it for a steal! I also like to keep my eyes peeled for beautiful teacups and saucers. Even if you don’t plan on hosting a tea party, beautiful teacups can be used to hold garnishes, made into centerpieces, or serve coffee after a big meal.

Flea Market Finds 2

Linens: Often, when you’re shopping at a flea market or estate sale, you can find beautiful napkins, handkerchiefs, or tablecloths. Look for well-made pieces that aren’t too worn and can be washed. At an estate sale years ago, my mom and I stumbled upon a drawer full of vintage aprons (you know, the little half-size, 50’s housewife aprons that have recently become trendy again). I bought 10 for $5 and used them as hostess gifts for some of my friends. They were a huge hit!

Accents: Although I don’t have a ton of vintage furniture in my house, I love the idea of repurposing something old like the drink cart pictured above. It’s the perfect way to house cocktails, beautiful glassware, and the cute napkins that you’ve found (see above).  Coasters, interesting vases, and even cool lamps or side tables are all great accents that can help beautify your room and get it party-ready.

I’d love to know what great finds YOU stumble upon and how you use them for your next party.  Happy Shopping!


Thanks so much, Lauren!  Those are great tips, and how cute is that idea to give those vintage aprons as hostess gifts??!  I’ll be checking back at Delight & Decorum for more great tips!


Flea Market Finds

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