Last Friday I tried to encourage myself to embrace the winter weather by sharing some vintage photos of crazy people fun-loving people enjoying the snow.

It totally didn’t work.

This weather stinks.  I wouldn’t mind the snow if it was actually warm enough outside to go play in it.  Instead we’ve been stuck inside (preschool was cancelled again on Wednesday – that’s TWO WEEKS IN A ROW that Baby Boy hasn’t attended!).  I’m running out of stickers and brownie mix.  Even the construction of the new house across the street has been sporadic.  At least they were back at it yesterday.  It does provide good entertainment for little guys.


So, I throw in the towel.  The beach towel, that is.  I’m going to resort to daydreaming about the beach.  Maybe everyone else has been on to something!

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via Gretchen Foxx


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Even if these photos don’t warm you up, they’re good for a chuckle.

Have a great weekend!








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