Is winter over yet?  Here in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, we’ve been hit by snow and extremely cold weather.  Cold for us.  I know to my family in Chicago, this is nuthin’.  But here it practically paralyzes the city.  And my life.  My husband has been taking our four wheel drive SUV to and from work, leaving me stuck at home.  With two little boys.  I’ve exhausted my patience for kids’ crafts (we’ve painted two days in a row – I could never be an art teacher).  I’m sick of Nick Jr and Sprout.  I’ve been living in sweatpants and no makeup.  (I mean why even bother at this point?!).  If this lasts much longer, I’ll be a shell of the woman I used to be!!!!

I would love to imagine myself on a tropical island somewhere.  But then I look outside and see my son’s tricycle stuck in the snow.


I might as well embrace this, right?  I’m longing to be inspired by people who love winter.  You know… like her.

via Vintage Winter


So, instead of finding warm weather photos to just drive home the fact that I won’t be on a beach for at least another six months, I’m sharing these vintage happy-winter-people pics.


via Retrochik

What does she need an umbrella for?

via Vintage Winter

Just another party on a mountaintop.

via The Flamingo Tribe

Finally – a snowwoman!

via The Flamingo Tribe

These girls have a sense of humor!

via Vintag

I don’t know any nuns like this.

via Vintag


via Vintag

I think this is Young Republicans vs Young Democrats.


Let me know if you’ve embraced this weather, or if you’re fighting it like me!  Misery loves company!








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  1. Kerry Steele
    Kerry Steele says:

    Oh I am in the misery bucket with you! I hate this. Thank goodness my husband washome after the big snow to take our little miss out to play. I don’t do snow.

  2. Amy I Bloom
    Amy I Bloom says:

    I love these images!

    Remember when snow days meant sleeping late, watching movies, and early happy hour? Well at least the later we can reinstate. Mimosa anyone?

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