Virginia is for Lovers.  That’s one of our state slogans.  But Virginia is also for horse lovers.

Virginia Horse Industry Board

See, it’s a real thing!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I have, like, no horse experience.  Unless you count that time at sixth grade sleep-away camp where we got to ride horses.  They walked in a line.  We were told that our horses had a special order that they naturally liked to be in, and we shouldn’t try to change the order.   Wouldn’t ya know it, mine liked to be last.  So, other than that, I really can’t say I know much about equestrianism.  But, I do think they are beautiful animals, and I can see the appeal.  I can only imagine how awesome an experience it must be to ride in the beautiful Virginia countryside.

Part of the Virginia horse culture are the exclusive hunt clubs.  Considered the most exclusive hunt club is the Orange County Hunt.  It’s located in The Plains, Virginia, a little less than an hour outside of D.C.  Jackie Kennedy was a member in her years as First Lady.  She was an accomplished equestrienne, and it’s neat to see photos of her around horses.


“Little Jackie” with horse via The Royal Post


Jackie on horseback via Town & Country


Jackie on horseback via JFK Library


Jackie takes a fall via Pinterest


Jackie geared up for a hunt via Jane Austen’s World


You can imagine how excited I was to find this rare Orange County Hunt territory map circa 1947.  It predates Jackie’s involvement in The Hunt, but it is a fascinating piece of history.

Jackie Kennedy's Orange County Hunt

It has some significant fading, but I just love this piece!  I actually did a little calling around, and reached a member of the current Orange County Hunt.  He told me that these maps were produced as fundraisers years ago.  The center of the map shows an aerial photograph of The Hunt’s territory. The names on the right hand side are the farms/owners in the area.  He said that probably only around 100 were ever made.  It would be fairly unlikely that many from 1947 have survived!

Here are some close-ups:

Orange County Hunt Map Close Up

Orange County Hunt Map Names

Orange County Hunt 1946 Map


I’m really not sure right now what I’ll do with this piece.  I don’t think I have a spot for it, and I’m not sure how to value it for the Pursuing Vintage shop.  What would you do with it?



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  1. Kerry Steele
    Kerry Steele says:

    I would love to know the history of the name “Orange County Hunt”. The Plains is in Fauquier county and about 50 miles from Orange, Virginia. I love all that is horsey and there are quite a few horse farms in my part of the state.

  2. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    There are a lot of folks around here that are into equestrian decor, including me. I would display it in our family room! You could ask some galleries in Middleburg about its value. Stay snug and warm today! Xo Nancy

  3. Bethany @ Powell Brower
    Bethany @ Powell Brower says:

    Oh my gosh Kristen — what a total find! I love that map, I am so envious. I grew up riding and showing and kept my horse in Middleburg at one point… right where Halfway is on the map! I just LOVE this. I think even if you aren’t into horses, it’s a beautiful backdrop to the historical and rich part of our locale. It’s a cool thing!

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