It is here!  Friday is finally here!  Does anyone else feel like it has been an abnormally long week?  I’m not sure what it was… maybe the full moon?  Anyway, I’m so happy the weekend is here, and it is a long weekend!  Time to celebrate!

And, speaking of celebrating – congratulations to MARY S. for winning the Pursuing Vintage giveaway!

Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 7.13.40 AM

Your pretty blue and white coaster set is on its way to you!  Thank you to everyone who entered, and to all of you who keep checking in with Pursuing Vintage.

In other news, I highly recommend that you check out my dear friend Shaun’s loft, which was featured on the site Apartment Therapy.  Shaun and Matt have such a fun mix of mid-century and extremely unexpected elements.  I guarantee you’ve never seen a place like it!  Here’s a sneak peek!  (Check out that amazing gallery wall!)

Shaun & Matt’s Loft via Apartment Therapy


Have a terrific weekend!


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  1. Amy I Bloom
    Amy I Bloom says:

    No link to the Bar Mitzvah video, or do I have the wrong friend?!
    What a killer loft. I love Apartment Therapy too.
    And congrats on reaching 100 likes! I will totally like you when I join FB.

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