I’ve been very fortunate lately while pursuing vintage.  I’ve come across a lot of beautiful blue and white porcelain.  Right now my fireplace mantel looks like a foo dog threw up Asian porcelain all over it a blue and white porcelain museum.  Joking aside, I really love all of the pieces I’ve found – and have added a few to my own collection.  I certainly don’t mind fostering the other pieces until they find new homes!

I have two very different pieces to share with you today.

The first is a vintage piece, complete with the red wax export seal and double ring marking on the bottom (dating to perhaps the mid to late 1800’s).  Now, as for what to call it, I’m a bit unsure.  I was told it was a tiffin set (stacking food containers), but it doesn’t have a handle or way to carry it.  Perhaps that part is missing?  Or, it could just be stacking jewelry (etc) boxes.  At this stage, I suppose it doesn’t really matter what it was, but what it will become.  I think it would be beautiful on a vanity or dresser to hold jewelry.  What do you think?

Antique Blue & White Porcelain Stacked Canister

Antique Blue & White Stacked Porcelain

The second is a newer porcelain vase.  Although not vintage, it is a wonderful size at 16″ tall.  The shape is unique, being somewhat of a quatrefoil.  I also like the mix of the floral design with the geometric lines across the bottom.

Tall Blue & White Vase Floral

Tall Floral Blue & White Vase

Both pieces are available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop.  Please contact me if you know the original use of the stacking piece!


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