My Big Boy is getting to that age where he is starting to ask for a pet.  More specifically, he’s asking for a dog.  I guess at the age of four, kids start to notice that some of their friends have pets… and some don’t.  We fall into the “some don’t” category.  I’m hoping it stays that way.

I know, I just risked losing all of you pet lovers out there!  But let me say that I do appreciate pets.  When I was growing up we always had cats and dogs around.  Yes, plural.  I had a terrific dog growing up, and did actually refer to her as “my best friend” (perhaps my parents should have been concerned?).  So I “get” the whole dog thing.  But I just don’t want one now.  There are many reasons, but probably the biggest is that I hope to stay married, and my husband is definitely not a dog person.  So, I just try to dodge the “I want a dog” demands from my son (I pacified him by telling him he can have a fish in Kindergarten.  Maybe he’ll forget by that time?).

Or, instead of avoiding the animal requests, maybe I can convince him that a gallery wall of animal portraits is the way to go?!

Check out this adorable find, now available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop:

Vintage Dog Portrait Poodle

This petite little poodle measures 10″ x 11″.  It is signed, and comes in a pretty black and gold frame.  I think it would look terrific incorporated into a gallery wall.  Here is some inspiration:

6th Street Design School

I like the mix of somewhat masculine paintings with the feminine bust and tiny flower in a vase.


This wall has potential – I’m not crazy about how it was done, but I think it could be cute.


Beautiful example of a gallery wall with a diverse sampling of animal portraits.

Story of My Life

I’m not a fan of taxidermy, but this is a fabulous gallery wall.

Design Sponge

This is a fun animal-inspired gallery wall.  I love the variety of styles.

The New Victorian Ruralist

The black and white animal silhouettes are sweet.


This is a dramatic way to display those animal portraits!  But I love it!

After seeing all of these wonderful animal-inspired gallery walls, I’m just positive I’ll be able to convince my four year old that collecting animal art is just as gratifying as having a pet!  Don’t you think?



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