I’m hoping to send some good travel vibes in my mother’s direction today.  Her trip out to DC last week had her sitting on the tarmac in Chicago for just under three hours (and that’s before having to sit on the plane for another two hours during the flight!).  Then, her flight back home yesterday was cancelled after she sat in the airport for four hours.

So, instead of her trip looking like this today:

I’m hoping it is more like this (at least in spirit):

via photobucket

I really like the photo of the passengers getting off the plane and getting right into the pool… I’m sure that’s how it will be for her when she lands in Chicago!

Keep your fingers crossed for a better air travel experience today!


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  1. Brunie
    Brunie says:

    These are beautiful, glamorous images….and it is exactly how people
    traveled. What has happened to our world?

    I hope your Mom is safely on her way home.

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