I am so excited about featuring Mapleton Drive today, that I can’t even wait to show you these creative and beautiful pieces!  Go ahead!  Take a look and get excited, too!

Orange Lacquered Box – Mapleton Drive


Black Lacquer Box – Mapleton Drive


Office Supply Container – Mapleton Drive


White Lacquer Round Box – Mapleton Drive


Crystal Druzy Lucite Napkin Rings – Mapleton Drive


Set of 2 White Lacquer Stacking Boxes – Mapleton Drive


Lucite Box with Crystal Cluster – Mapleton Drive


Pink Lacquer Box — Mapleton Drive


Lucite Jewelry Box — Mapleton Drive


Kelly Wheat is the woman with the vision behind Mapleton Drive.  With a background in the talent business and penchant for devouring fashion magazines, Kelly started creating her own jewelry pieces.  That’s right – jewelry!  Kelly’s decorative boxes are what brought me to Mapleton Drive, but then I realized that her awesome sense of style extends into beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even hair accessories!

Black Tassel Necklace – Mapleton Drive


Crystal Quartz Cluster – Mapleton Drive


Long Green Malachite Earrings – Mapleton Drive


Huge Blue Geode Slice Necklace – Mapleton Drive


Mala Inspired Bracelet – Mapleton Drive


Green Adventurine Tear Drop Pendant – Mapleton Drive


Black Onyx Horn Earrings – Mapleton Drive


Turquoise Rock Necklace – Mapleton Drive


Big Pearl Hair Accessory – Mapleton Drive


Faceted Jade Rectangle Necklace – Mapleton Drive


Long Hot Pink Feather Earrings – Mapleton Drive


Isn’t everything amazing?  I love Kelly’s use of natural elements juxtaposed with bright colors.  So feminine, yet edgy.

I asked Kelly a few questions, and here’s what she had to say:

Pursuing Vintage: How did you get started creating such beautiful things?

Kelly Wheat: I started a year ago with my Etsy site, selling jewelry. Pushed by family and friends…. almost a dare really.

Pursuing Vintage: How did you bridge that into decor?

Kelly Wheat: I am addicted to fashion mags and have spent thousands of hours (and probably dollars) to reach the following conclusion: fashion, jewelry and home decor are all interconnected. Home decor trends start on the runway. It shares or even steals ideas, textures and fabrics from the fashion world. Here is an example. One day I just followed my creative fashion sense with a goal of creating something functional and cool to hide those ugly remote controls piled upon my coffee table. My solution: a decorative lacquer box with a natural flair. Bye Bye clickers!

Pursuing Vintage:  What a great solution!  So, I have to ask – why geodes?

Kelly Wheat: I love all elements of nature. Rocks and shells fascinate me by their beauty… I love them!

Here is Kelly’s remote box.  Stunning!

The Remote Box – Mapleton Drive


Are you smitten with Kelly and Mapleton Drive?  I know I am!  I think I’ll be hinting to my husband that he can start Christmas shopping for me here (Honey, that’s your hint– just click on any photo above and order it for me!).

Be sure to follow Kelly on Pinterest (obviously she has great taste! I can’t wait to see her pins!).  You can also follow Mapleton Drive on Facebook.

Now run on over to Mapleton Drive on Etsy and see all of the great jewelry and decor!



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  1. KMR
    KMR says:

    Wow, those boxes are gorgeous!! I especially love the pink one with the blue stone–it’s going straight onto my list as well. 🙂

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