I have a few new finds to share with you today, starting with this adorable Foo Dog Small Pitcher/Creamer.

Blue & White Foo Dog Pitcher Creamer

Blue & White Foo Dog Pitcher Front

How cute is he?!  He measures about 7″ tall.  He doesn’t have a lid.  He has no chips or cracks.  And look at this cute tail!

Blue & White Foo Dog Pitcher

If you wanted to go all out blue and white, you could serve your milk in the Foo Pitcher, and your coffee in these Churchill Blue Willow Mugs.  They are a bit taller than your average coffee cup, measuring at 4.25″.

Churchill Blue Willow Mugs

And why not sip your coffee while dreaming of swashbuckling Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom piratey-guys?  (Did I say that aloud?)

Ship Painting 1959

This cute little painting is dated 1950 and signed by M. Von or Yon.  Re-framed, this would look terrific on a wall, or on a styled bookshelf, etc.  It measures 11 3/4″ x 9″ (not including frame).

Ship Painting Close Up

Which one is your favorite?  I’m kind of in love with the pitcher — I think it’s so unique!

All of today’s finds can be found in the Pursuing Vintage Shop!