Oh, One Room Challenge-  I respect you so much more after this week!

Alright.  Would you like the quick, cut and dry summary of how The Challenge went this week, or do you want the down and dirty real version?

The sugar-coated version is that I did some touch-ups, hung the shade, and purchased the fabric for the cushion cover.

The real version is much more … colorful.  No sugar-coating here!

Let me start by saying this is what my house looks like right now:


First, my almost-four-year-old came down with strep throat.  Okay, we can handle that.  But then, just to make things a little more exciting, my husband pulled his calf muscle and is on crutches!  Just get me a pair of scrubs and call me Nurse!

In spite of these maladies, progress was made.

Last week I showed you how I painted the ceiling of the mudroom.


Well…. I thought I could check that off my list.  And then my father came to visit for the weekend.  He kindly pointed out some roller marks that were visible and suggested I go over the ceiling again with another coat of paint.  Okay, so he was right, but still.  It was the LAST thing I wanted to hear!  I took his advice, and the ceiling does look a lot better (thanks, Dad).

Next, I went to Joann Fabrics and actually scored a really cute fabric for the bench cushion.  Here’s a “before” photo – note the boring green cushion (if you can even see it under all the bags piled on top!):


I chose this pinkish fabric because I thought putting another blue in the room would be expected.  I’ve tried to bring in a few splashes or coral/pink into my mainly blue central living area, so having a pinkish cushion will carry that sub-theme nicely.


I think (hope) that you can relate to this next part of my Challenge.  It was time to hang the window shade.  My husband and I got the kids to bed early (after the youngest pushed a bowl of soup off the table, which prompted me to wash the floor – oh and after the almost-four-year-old had a tantrum about not wanting to eat his chicken nuggets…).  We decided to use the extra child-free time to hang the shade.  We hung an identical shade in our dining room about a month ago.  So this should be cake, right?

Should be, except for the fact that my husband has his injured leg all wrapped up and had to hobble up and down the little ladder to measure and drill the holes.  (Can you picture this??!)  On top of that, enter this little devil.


Looks like an innocent pencil, right?  Well, it was the only pencil with lead among our twenty-plus non-sharpened pencils in the desk.  Every time my poor husband tried to mark the spot where to drill, the lead broke.  Let’s just say that the pencil will be thrown away because mechanical pencils are not good for marking drill holes (although I tried to defend its ability to write on paper).

After all the drama, the shade is up, and I think it looks great.  One of those things like “why didn’t I do this earlier???”.


There’s still a bunch of stuff to be done.  I’m having trouble envisioning how I want to hand the boys’ art.  I really like the idea of frames because it’s a nice clean look.  But the reality of taking down a frame and inserting new art every week is, well, not reality.  I’ve been searching Pinterest for some ideas.  Here are a few that I think might work.


I like this cork board idea – but I’d use all black frames, I think.


I think this is clever with the clothes pins attached to the frames to hold the art… but won’t the corners of the papers curl?



Cute and practical… but is it a “clean” look?



Maybe I should just do one of these?  Or will that end up looking messy?

I’m really stuck on this.  I want the art to compliment the space, not take-over.  But, it has to be practical.  I would like to be able to hang the latest “masterpiece” and rotate pieces.  Any suggestions?

Before next week I’ll have the cushion cover sewn!  And, hopefully the light fixture will be hung.  We’re also working on adding some lower hooks for the boys to hang their backpacks.  Finally, I’ll have to make a decision on the art display.

Keep your fingers crossed that this next week is drama-free!  Let’s keep this train moving!

I welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Remember to check out Calling it Home to see the official participants, and the other linking participants.

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Thanks for reading!





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  1. Kerry Steele
    Kerry Steele says:

    What a week! You poor thing. I love the shade and I like the frames with fabric and clothespins but couldn’t you do two clothes pins so the edges don’t curl? Just a thought.

  2. Renee @ Casa Stephens
    Renee @ Casa Stephens says:

    Ok, you’re making my excuses look flimsy. You absolutely win the, “I’ve been busy” contest and still you managed to get all of this done. I feel like a slacker lol
    It’s looking amazing. I LOVE the ceiling~

  3. Linda @ Calling it Home
    Linda @ Calling it Home says:

    I am laughing with you and not at you. First, I always vote for strep, 24 hours later and they are good to go. Your husband is amazing to hobble around like that. Sorry about the food spill, it reminds me that my dog threw up and I had to stop and scrub everything. Tell your dad that the next time he suggests something he should also volunteer to fix it….just sayin. As for the art, have you seen the clipboards idea? Here is an example, but there are WAY better pictures of one’s painted and covered with contact paper to make them really pretty

    The ceiling is fantastic, and I just wrote a book.

  4. Carol @arewethereyet
    Carol @arewethereyet says:

    That you got ANYTHING accomplished with everything that was going on in your house this week is amazing! The room is really looking great – there are so many great ideas on hanging kids artwork – I’m sure you will find the perfect one for your house. (Oh, and I have to agree with Linda – if someone, anyone, sees something that “needs” to be done – they need to do it! LOL!)

  5. Frances @ Improvementlist
    Frances @ Improvementlist says:

    I love the idea of putting artwork on framed corkboards. Such an easy way to rotate the art, but still keep it looking a little classy. The room is coming along nicely…I hope your family has a better week by the time you have to do your next ORC post!

  6. Lisa Rozario
    Lisa Rozario says:

    Well, you have had a busy week.The window blinds are a great idea and the seat cushion will be pretty in the fabric you chose. I love any gallery wall and the last one with the curtain rod would be the most versatile and quick and easy to use. I have used stiff metal wire tied around 2 Command Hooks and then clothespins to attach the artwork to. You could use hemp rope instead of wire, paint the clothespins so it won’t look too rustic. The kids could help 🙂 Just a thought – with all the wood trim, window seat, etc. you might want to mix up the elements in the space and not have more wood in terms of frames for art. Whatever you decide it will look great, I am sure!

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