I love vintage furniture.  (Way to state the obvious, Kristen!!!).  But sometimes pieces just show too much wear, and it’s just too much effort to restore them.  Sometimes it’s just easier to find a new piece of furniture.  But, flipping through catalogs, so much of the furniture looks the same.  What to do?

Step in: vintage-inspired furniture.  When done well, it can be a really, really great option.

I want to introduce you to Popcelona on Etsy.





Wait, that’s just vintage furniture that’s been reupholstered, right?  WRONG!  The majority of Popcelona’s furnishings are handcrafted.  That Barcelona chair?  HANDCRAFTED.  That’s right folks!  I contacted Cathy, the shop owner, and here’s the story:

Cathy and her brother had separate businesses for many years.  Cathy is an upholsterer and her brother in ornamental iron business.  About a year and a half ago, Cathy’s son (a woodworker) challenged his uncle (the welder) to recreate the lines on a Barcelona chair, thinking it’d be an extremely tough challenge.  (How creative is this family???!)  The welder accepted the challenge, succeeded, and a Barcelona-style chair was created.  In stepped Cathy to make the cushions for the chair.  There must have been some more friendly challenges because they also started making those great chairs and tables.

I think this collaboration is fantastic.  The lines in the metal, the wood, and the excellent fabric choices make these pieces of furniture unique and inspiring.  I wanted to know a little bit more about Cathy’s inspiration, so I asked a few questions.

Pursuing Vintage: How did you decide on vintage / mid century designs for your pieces?

Cathy: My brother and I both grew up during the fifties and sixties during the era of mid century modern. However all our childhood homes were furnished with antiques, now the simple and graceful lines of modern just seems so much more appealing.

Pursuing Vintage: What inspires your fabric choices?

Cathy: Over the years working with many different décor styles, furniture styles and people, an upholsterer must be an adviser and listen to a client’s wishes. It’s a fine line to walk, because not every fabric is to my taste. But it does make you learn to work within those parameters and often enjoy the end result of a finished room.  Also, I live in Los Angeles, and this city has one of the best fabric districts in the country. Just wandering from store to store gives me great inspiration.

Pursuing Vintage: What is the turn-around time for a custom Barcelona chair?

Cathy: Turn around can be 4 to 7 weeks depending on if it’s to be powder coated.


Here’s a peek at some of the current and sold items in the Popcelona shop (including handcrafted pieces and reupholstered pieces):

Pod Chairs – Popcelona

Bar Stools – Popcelona


Redwood Burl Coffee Table – Popcelona

Barcelona Style Chair – Popcelona

Office Chair – Popcelona

Please be sure to check out Popcelona on Etsy.  Make it a “favorite shop”!

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