Welcome to Week 5 of the One Room Challenge, hosted & created by Linda at Calling it Home.  If you’re new to Pursuing Vintage or need a refresher, you can check out Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

Last week was rough, and I thank you all for your kind comments, and all the great ideas.  Everyone here seems to be on the mend.  My hubby ditched the crutches and Big Boy’s last day of antibiotics was yesterday (woohoo!).

This week I had to chuckle as I thought back to when I decided to participate in The Challenge.  My thought process went a little something like this: Oooh… this will be fun!  I really need to get a lot of rooms done, and this will be great motivation!  Six weeks should be a breeze, especially if I keep it at a realistic goal of redoing that little mudroom.  How difficult could that room be?  I should have it done in about a week, and then I’ll have to pretend to still be working on it so I can participate in the weekly updates…

Well, that is a big HA HA, SUCKER!  (Sucker being moi).  Especially with the turns of last week, I have been humbled.  It’s not that the room is that complicated.  It’s just finding the time and energy to do it.  And, let’s face it, painting is a witch.  All of that dark paint around my white moulding has really taken a lot of time.  But, that is part of the challenge of The Challenge, right?

This week I focused on sewing the cushion cover for the bench.  I had chosen the fabric the week before, so it was just a matter of digging the sewing machine out of the basement, dusting it off, and trying to remember how to thread it.  I also needed to cut the fabric and pin it.  I decided on a pocket-style cover so I wouldn’t need to worry about trying to put a zipper on (it would need to be a seven week challenge if I had to do that!!!)  It all looked a little like this:


I put everything on the floor figure it out.


I pinned the fabric where I needed to sew – and tried not to leave any pins for Baby Boy to find.


After I sewed the edges, I turned it inside out and marked with pins where I needed to sew the ends.


I only broke one needle!


Sneak peek!

I’m so relieved to have that cushion finished!  I’ll wait and show you next week.  I still need to do the frames for the boys’ art (thank you for all the suggestions!) and my husband is adding another piece of moulding with hooks at a lower height for the boys.  We also need to put up the new light fixture.  Hopefully we’ll be ready!  Please check in next week to see if I made it!

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Have a Happy Halloween!




Yesterday I shared Baby Boy’s Big Boy Dresser with you.  I tried to bait you by letting you know that I had other pieces to the set that are available for purchase.  Did it work?  Are you back to check them out??!

The pieces are all part of Kent Coffey’s Foreteller collection.  The exact color is called “Tawney Walnut” – isn’t that poetic?  Not just walnut, oh no.  Tawney walnut!  All of the pieces are in really great condition.

Kent Coffey Foreteller Dresser

The nine drawer long dresser measures 64″l x 20″d x 31.5″h.  It is in great condition.  There is minor (age and use appropriate) surface wear to the top.  It has a coordinating mirror that just wouldn’t photograph well.  If you’re interested I can send you the pics I have.  The mirror comes on legs that slide into brackets on the back of the dresser.

Kent Coffey Foreteller Nightstand Kent Coffey Foreteller Nightstand Front

The nightstand measures 23″w x 14.5″d x 24″h.  I love the curved sides!

Kent Coffey Twin Headboard

The bed comes with a headboard (pictured) and metal rails (similar color to match the wood).  It also has a small foot board (only 14″h).  The headboard measures 42.5″w x 35″h.

One of the great things about these mid century long dressers is that they are so versatile.  They can be used as a dresser, a credenza, a sideboard/server, a TV stand – the possibilities are endless!  Here’s some inspiration:


Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy



Martha Stewart

These new pieces are available in the Pursuing Vintage Shop under Misc Furniture.







My baby boy has a big boy dresser!  Awhile back I shared that I was looking for mid century furniture for my youngest son’s room.  My ultimate dream was Broyhill’s Brasilia.

Dreamy lines – Broyhill Brasilia

However, it seems that the Brasilia is everyone’s “ultimate” right now.  They’re hard to find, and they’re hard to find cheap.  Besides, it might be a bit overdone (or getting there) so I thought I should keep an eye out of an equally fun dresser and bed.

I knew I wanted a chest of drawers as opposed to a long dresser.  It will just work better in our space-challenged rooms.  I also needed a twin bed, or at least a headboard.

Well, whadda ya know, I found it all this weekend while I was out pursuing vintage!  And, I had Baby Boy with me, so I think he was good luck (or at least helped me get a better deal because he is so darn cute!).

Kent Coffey Chest

Isn’t this great?!  I love the legs and the top three drawers.  The hardware is really groovy, too.  And, it is in TERRIFIC condition!

Kent Coffey Twin Headboard

Here’s a photo of the twin headboard.  I love the way it angles out.

We are going to slowly transition Baby Boy’s room.  We still have him in a crib, and we need to get his old dresser out and a set of bunk beds need to come out!  (Know anyone interested in white bunks or dresser??!).  After the old furniture is out, we’ll paint the room.  I’m thinking grey, but really not sure yet.  We’ll also get rid of the “baby” decor and bring in some “big boy” decor.  You know, big boy for an under-two-year-old!  Ahhhh – so much to think about!

Guess what is even more exciting than me finding the right pieces for the bedroom?  How about getting the whole set and making the extra pieces available for purchase!  Did I bait you?  You’ll have to check in tomorrow to see!

So what do you think?  As exciting and funky as Brasilia?

One more thing — now until November 9th, if you say “Boo” you can have 15% off your purchase from the Pursuing Vintage Shop!  Let your friends know!