I absolutely LOVE connecting a person with a new piece that they love.  Just today the lucite bar cart got a new home, and I think the buyers were thrilled with their purchase.  Yay!  And Saturday a table that I had nicknamed “The Beast” found its new home with Luci.  The table was so large and heavy that I questioned if I would ever find the right home for it.  The table is a vintage Henredon oak mirror-top dining table, with two additional leaves.  It is such a spectacular table, but also very large.  My home certainly could not showcase it properly.  Thankfully Luci has incredible taste and vision, and brought “The Beast” to her home, where it looks amazing!

Henredon Table in Home

Kerry at Design du Monde gave this beautiful faux bamboo table a new home.  It fits right in, and looks like it has always been there!  Perfect!

Kerry's Faux Bamboo Coffee Table

For me, seeing these pieces in their new homes is part of why I do this.  In a way, I’ve had a hand in giving these pieces a second life (or sometimes third or fourth).  Luci’s dining table can once again be the center of entertaining and great meals & conversation.  Kerry’s coffee table can be a focal point in a room once more.  These are pieces with years behind them, and many more in front of them.

If you’ve purchased something from Pursuing Vintage and would like to share a photo of the piece in its new home, I’d be so grateful!  Just email the photo to kristen@pursuingvintage.com and let me know if its okay to use it on the site.





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