Pieff Eleganza Chairs

I was not familiar with Pieff Furniture before grabbing these chairs.  I saw the lines and the leather & chrome and new they were fantastic, but had no idea who they were until I did a little research.

Pieff Eleganza Dining Chair

Pieff Furniture is a British company.  Their website claims: “Pieff was the must have name in high-end British furniture during the 1960’s and 70’s. It described itself at the time as “Luxury furniture of the late 20th Century, characterised by its original design, flowing lines and usual blending of striking materials. Now used loosely to describe any design which is ahead of its time”.  The furniture was sold through Harrods and other high end European stores.  There are just not many Pieff pieces that seem to have “crossed the pond”.

Their signature piece is the Eleganza Chair.  The leather was/is available in many colors – red, caramel, dark brown.  Pieff describes the Eleganza collection as “A collection of peace loving chairs and one of the most comfortable chairs you will ever own.”  Yes, they are comfortable!  Which would explain why the four that I have are well-loved.  The leather is very broken-in.  There is some oxidation to the chrome.  I think a little elbow grease could really help these chairs look amazing again.  And because they need a little attention, I have not priced them as extravagantly as 1stdibs.

Did you see the Johnny Depp movie Dark Shadows?  I fell asleep through it.  But, they do use an Eleganza – can you see it?!

Dark Shadows

The Eleganza is made in a high back version as well (like the one in Dark Shadows).

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Pieff also made this beautiful rosewood and chrome table.

I like the idea of these chairs around a circular table.

Where would you put them?

If you’re interested in purchasing them, pricing information is located in the Pursuing Vintage SHOP.  I’m happy to provide close-up photos for more detail.






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