Late last week I fell for the funky glam lines of a table and chairs set.  I even gave up a dinner date night for my husband and I to go pick up the set!  Not quite the evening I had planned when scheduling the babysitter, but it all worked out.  I talked him into stopping for some frozen yogurt on the way home.  🙂

The table is 47″ in diameter.  The beveled glass is in very good condition, and the gold-tone metal base is in overall good condition.  It has a few small spots near the “feet” where there is some wear, but in general this piece is so groovy!  Yes, I used the word groovy to describe it!

Gold Tone Round Glass Dining Table

Now, to be honest, it’s the chairs that I really fell for.  I can just picture a terrifically glam desk chair!  The upholstery is in excellent condition, though I could think of a dozen other fabrics that I’d rather see on this chair.  There are two chairs available – each sold individually.

Vintage Gold Metal Swivel Caster Chair Front  Vintage Gold Metal Swivel Caster Chair Back Vintage Gold Metal Swivel Caster Chair

I’m breaking up the set for two reasons.  First, there are only two chairs.  Second, I just think that the chairs and table together are too “matchy-matchy”.  (Although I promise not to judge if you want to keep everything together!)

I really can’t find anything like these chairs and table online.  So, here is a little inspiration focused on the gold tone and lines.

etsy search

The lines on these chairs are reminiscent of my swivels.  I love the plush fabric on the chairs.

pinterest search

Great example of mixing wood chairs with a metal and glass table.

The Decorista

Another great mix of chairs and table.  Love the super-sleek table with the beautiful woodwork on the chairs.

If you’ve seen something like this table and chair set, please let me know.  I just can’t identify it, and there are no manufacturer’s marks.  As usual, pricing info in the SHOP!