I will be the first to admit that, until sitting down to write today’s post, I assumed the Parsons Table was named such because, perhaps, a parson had something to do with it.  Totally wrong.  The table is actually named for The Parsons School of Art & Design, where Jean-Michel Frank was a student.  The design of the table is accredited to him.  Encyclopedia Britannica defines a Parsons table as a “simple, sturdy rectangular table having straight lines, overall flush surfaces, and square legs that form the four corners of the top and whose diameter is identical with the thickness of the top”.

Today I have a beautiful Henredon oak table with a terrific mirrored top and gold tone detail.  I’d have to take more specific measurements to verify if the legs are the exact same diameter as the thickness of the top.  But it looks pretty close (maybe a little off?).   Either way, I’m going to call it a Parsons table.  I’m sure the purists out there will correct me if I’m wrong!

Also, something a little exciting (I think!) is that I actually have the matching dining table!  I just don’t have great photos yet, so I’m not quite ready to share it.  The dining table is a BEAST (let’s just say that I owed my husband and my brother a few cold beers after moving it!).  It is also solid oak with a mirrored top and two additional extensions.  Let me know if you’re interested in it!

This table is 60″ long and 16″ wide and 27″ tall.  It is in overall very good condition.  The mirrored part of the table is also in very good condition.  There is one light scratch that I noticed.

Henredon Mirror Top Oak Parsons Table

The wood is beautiful, so it would look great as-is.  But I can also see it being fabulous painted.

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