Just in case last week’s Featured Find of blue & white porcelain wasn’t enough, I have more!

Blue & White Porcelain Coasters Box Vase

To start, here is a set of eight finger or sauce bowls.  Very petite and cute!

Blue & White Porcelain Finger Sauce Bowls

This teapot seems very Delft to me.  The pattern is fantastic.  It is missing the lid, so it makes a great vase!  It is about 5.5″ tall.

Blue & White Porcelain Teapot 2

Speaking of vases… this little vase would be lovely on a nightstand!  It is about 6″ tall.

Blue & White Porcelain Small Vase

This set of four coasters is adorable.  So tempted to keep these for myself!  They measure 4″x4″, and have little “nubbies” on the bottoms so they won’t scratch tables or slide around.

Blue & White Porcelain Coasters

And, finally, there is this fabulous little trinket box!  Marked with the “double happiness” symbols, it would traditionally be a wedding gift.  There is some discoloration on the inside rim of the box, which is faintly visible with the box closed.  See the photos for details.  It measures 7″x4″.

Blue & White Chinese Marriage Box


Pricing details can be found in the SHOP.  Speaking of the SHOP, have you stopped in lately?  Sometimes I sneak things in there without “Featuring” them!