I’m not a fish person.  I don’t eat them.  I don’t really enjoy seeing them (I’m not looking forward to the day when my sons want a pet goldfish).  I can sometimes appreciate them in other people’s aquariums.  I don’t like knowing that I’m swimming with them (though I do a lot better when I can see them, like snorkeling.  If I know they’re swimming under me in a murky lake, but I can’t see them, that freaks me out!!!!).  So, basically, I don’t like fish.

Why, oh why, then, do I LOVE this next find??!  Two beautifully intricate blanc de Chine pierced koi figures.

Blanc Chine Carp Koi Pierced Vase

Koi are actually a type of carp.  Just more “designer”.  I liken them to the Labradoodles of the fish world.  I was trying to come across more information on the meaning of the fish in Chinese culture, and wouldn’t ya know it, there is a website Koi Fish Meaning which gives a quick history of the koi fish.  In the Chinese culture, the carp (or koi) has symbolic meaning for good fortune.  Evidently the legend involves a koi swimming vertically up a waterfall and turning into a dragon.  So, I would think that is why these figures are vertical.

They are not an exact pair.  Their coloring is slightly different, and the markings on the bottom vary a bit.  A friend fluent in Chinese believes the markings are from the same maker, but possibly different time periods.  One of the fish does have a little “problem” area (you can see it in the photo – and I’m happy to provide a close-up if you’re interested).  They measure approximately 10.5″ tall.

I have tried to find similar fish online, and have not had much luck.  I did find one somewhere in cyber-world a few days ago, but can’t seem to find it again.  Which leads me to believe they are rather rare.  Have you seen one of these elsewhere?

These are an exception to my “no fish” rule.  I think they are fabulous, and I hope you do, too!

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