Who is counting the number of projects that I have?  Because I am losing count!  Add another one to the list!

Chinese Chippendale Chair

I was elated when I found this!  It was a total steal, and a fabulous piece! Wasn’t I JUST saying how I was waiting for the perfect faux bamboo piece for my house??!  Who knew it would be a chair!

It needs a little love – some paint missing – but that doesn’t really matter to me, because I would want to paint it anyway.  Under the cushion is beautiful caning, in really good condition.  The cushion is not working for me, so that will need to be reupholstered, or a new one created.  Of course, I’ll have to decide on a color.  It will be in the same room as the campaign dresser…should it match?  Can you tell I’m REALLY bad at deciding on paint colors??!

Here’s some inspiration:

via Chinoiserie Chic

So pretty in a coral/pink.


I know it’s maybe not as exciting as another color, but it looks great.

House of Honey

A WOW in red with animal print… maybe too daring for me.

via pinterest

Unexpected in green.  Great print on the cushion.

via Haymarket Designs

Such a pretty blue.  And no cushion…shows off the caning.

Jonathan Adler

Beautiful bright white by Jonathan Adler.

I feel like this is a smaller job than painting the campaign dresser, so maybe I can get this one done first?  I’ll post updates once I actually get started!



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