As promised, today’s Featured Find is a set of two Pace Collection side tables.  They are made of three pieces of thick plate glass held together by brass colored brackets.  They are actually very sturdy pieces of furniture.  Each table measures 16″ long, 17″ wide, and 17″ tall.

There are a few small condition issues with these – contact me for specifics if you’re interested in purchasing.  I’ve priced them appropriately considering these issues.

Pace Collection Side Tables

Here are a few other Pace Collection tables in use:

via Furnishly


via Design Sponge


These tables would be great as side tables, or put together as a small coffee table in front of a loveseat.  I tried that in front of my couch, but my couch was too big and it dwarfed the tables.  I really wish I had another place for these, but I don’t!  I know someone out there will love them, though!  Check out the SHOP for pricing details.