I love love love faux bamboo.  Really love it.  I don’t know what it is … maybe the daydream of living near a sandy beach?  The way the lines are not straight, but offer something unexpected?  The way a faux bamboo piece looks in a bright color and lacquered?  (Sigh)  Its just fabulous.  But, for all its fabulous-ness, I have yet to incorporate much of it into my own home.  I think I’m still pursuing the perfect piece.  The only piece I’ve kept for myself is this sweet (yet practical!) magazine basket.

Bamboo Mag Rack


I love faux bamboo so much, that I think I’ll do a little faux bamboo series.  I couldn’t possibly cover all the great pieces out there in one post!  So, let’s break it down.  Today we’ll check out dressers & consoles.


La Dolce Vita


Natty by Design

SUCH a WOW in red!!


The Newlywed Diaries

The gray is so unexpected!!

-Flights of Whimsy

I love the girly pink paired with the abstract art and blanc de chine lamps.


If you’ve incorporated faux bamboo into your decor, I’d love to see it!  (Especially any repainting projects).

Check out  my shop to see the bamboo-inspired pieces I’ve recently sold.  Once I get a piece, it goes quickly!  If you’re looking for a piece, check back frequently – I’m always on the hunt for more!